7mm REM MAG Ammo

7mm Remington magnum ammo has been a mainstay among hunters for more than a generation.

Any debate about the best all-around game cartridge will soon get heated because there will likely be a group of 7mm Rem mag devotees present and vocal! And rightly so! Since its introduction by Remington in 1962, this new hot magnum has continued to gain a loyal following. See for yourself; if you regularly shoot the popular 7mm cartridge, it will quickly become apparent that whatever the .30-06 or .270 can do, the 7mm magnum can do it just a bit better!

This super Remington cartridge has factory ammunition available in a myriad of bullet weights and styles. The gun can be used on varmints to bears and everything in between with excellent results. It is even a popular African plains gun. With factory ammo primed with the incredible premium bullets now available, the 7mm magnum loses nothing to other comparable rifles in ballistic performance - both in-flight as well as terminal ballistics.

Using .284" bullets known for their inherently high ballistic coefficients, the cartridge acts like it defies gravity and shoots like it's on rails! Some say there is a downside in that this hot magnum is tough on barrels; it can be, especially for the competition shooter. However, for the average hunter, a well-kept 7mm will most likely get handed down to the next generation without losing its functionality! You can check out our in-stock 7mm Rem Mag ammo for sale below:

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