5mm Remington rimfire magnum ammo is an extremely fast and versatile rimfire round designed by firearm and ammo manufacturer Remington arms. The cartridge was designed in 1969 for two bolt action rifles. Although the round was designed for Remington bolt action rimfire rifles, both Thompson Center arms and Taurus produced firearms for the caliber.

Taurus designed the first handgun for the round in 2008. Although the 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum is smaller than the 22 Magnum the round is much, much faster in terms of feet per second. The 5mm Remington RImfire Magnum’s extreme velocity gives it a very flat shooting profile. The 5mm Remington Magnum is an exceptionally accurate round and found its place among benchrest rimfire shooters. The round is known to be more accurate than the 22 Magnum, and is very consistent for a rimfire round. You can see our in-stock line-up of 5mm Rem ammo for sale listed below:

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