Designed as a joint venture between premium rifle maker Steyr and famed ammo manufacturer Hornady, 376 Steyr ammunition was designed with a purpose. The purpose was to provide a powerful round in their lightweight Steyr Scout rifle. The 376 Steyr is a 9.3 x 64mm round that falls just under a long action cartridge. This standard length rifle was designed for both tactical operations as defined by Colonel Jeff Cooper with his scout rifle concept as well as hunting applications.

376 Steyr ammo uses a 375 caliber projectile, making the round is legal in most countries to hunt large or dangerous game. (Different countries have different laws regarding the minimum caliber for some game, and primarily that minimum is 375). You can find 376 Steyr rounds in factory loadings with bullet weights ranging from 210 grains at 3,000 feet per second to 300 grains at 2,380 feet per second. This allows the round to be tailored for the game and avoid doing unnecessary damage to a trophy worthy kill. You can browse our in-stock 376 Steyr ammo for sale below:

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