.222 REM. Ammo

Remington introduced the .222 ammo cartridge in 1950 and it based on a totally new design. Inherently accurate, the sweet little round quickly became popular with varmint hunters offering mild recoil and enabling quick follow-up shots. Although eclipsed in popularity today by several other rounds such as the .17HMR, .22-250, .223 and the .243, the round still has a niche for the dedicated varmint and pelt hunter.

Since fewer major arms manufacturers are offering the round in their stables - Sako, Browing, and Savage still list them in their line-ups – you might have to look to the used market to acquire one. The rifle round can be a lot of fun in the hands of the reloader who has quite a line-up of bullets from which to choose. You’ll find FMJ, soft points, polymer tip and hollow point .222 ammo for sale as part of our normal inventory. We also stock premium bullets from the good folks at places like Sierra, Hornady, and Barnes --- all of which offer a variety of premium choices.

This little round can send a bullet downrange at over 3,500 feet per second and sound the death knell for any unsuspecting varmint unlucky enough to expose itself. While introducing a young hunter to the sport, the .222 can be a welcome helper as it gives the young shooter the feel of a larger caliber rifle without cementing the fear of recoil in his or her mind.

Look for 222 Remington ammo for sale from trusted names like Remington, Federal and others listed below:

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