9mm Flobert ammo might be one of the oddest rounds ever conceived but is also an accessible round that just about anyone can handle. 9mm Flobert is a rimfire cartridge, designed for firing shot. Essentially the 9mm Flobert is a rimfire shotgun cartridge that is extremely small. The 9mm Flobert is designed to fire a very light and very easy to control shotshell. The 9mm Flobert is designed to be capable of being used by anyone.

The 9mm Flobert falls into a niche firearms market known as garden guns. They are designed to chase vermin away from gardens by everyone from grown men to elderly women. Garden guns in 9mm rimfire also face very little to no restriction in European countries, even those with strict gun laws.

9mm Flobert is such a short range round the cartridge could do very little harm past 15 to 20 yards and are quite quiet when discharged when compared to a traditional shotgun. The 9mm Flobert is unique and capable of ridding gardens and yards of vermin, pests, and snakes. The 9mm flobert cartridge is handy since it leaves little to no damage to the yard due to small amount of shotgun contained within it. The Flobert round is still quite available and inexpensive, as are the small shotguns for it, you can see our full line-up of 9mm Flobert ammo for sale here:

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  1. 50rds - 9mm Rimfire Flobert Fiocchi 1 3/4" 1/4oz. #9 Shot Ammo 50rds - 9mm Rimfire Flobert Fiocchi 1 3/4" 1/4oz. #9 Shot Ammo

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