454 CASULL Ammo

The 454 Casull cartridge is based off the 45 Colt. 454 Casull ammo improved upon the classic 45 Colt design by lengthening the cartridge and improving the internal walls of the 45 Colt to improve the cartridges overall strength. This improved strength allowed the round to be loaded to be much hotter and the round is much more powerful.

454 Casull as a caliber was announced in 1959, born in the midst of the several decade long Magnum craze. While "magnum" was never an attached moniker to the 454 Casull round, it could have easily been. Most magnums were designed by improving the internal walls and lengthening the case. This was the case for the 38 Special / 357 Magnum, and the 44 Special / 44 Magnum.

454 Casull ammunition is one of the most powerful handgun rounds out there today. The round is designed to deliver a bone crushing level of penetration. This deep penetration makes the round well suited for hunting big game, including predators like bears. This allows 454 Casull to be an ideal round for self-protection for hunters and hikers in bear country. Check out our line-up of 454 Casull ammunition for sale below:

A variety of different revolvers have been chambered in the powerful 454 Casull, including Freedom arms, Magnum Research, Ruger, and Taurus as well as several custom leverguns. The 454 Casull has remained popular for big game hunters, magnum enthusiasts, and silhouette shooters.

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