Introduced in 1929, 38 Super ammo was the answer to a tough problem. This was the height of dust bowl gangsters robbing banks, and even National Guard armories. The bad guys of the era were embracing body armor with as much excitement as one would who lived by the gun. Crooks wearing body armor and wielding light machine guns from national guard armories were quite the threat to police and federal agents at the time. The standard modus operandi for bad guys was to hit hard and fast and drive away. Again rounds were failing to penetrate the vehicle bodies. Law Enforcement needed a round with more penetration than the standard 45 ACP, so the 38 Super was born.

38 Super was designed to function in 1911s so additional training required to understand the round was minimal. The 38 Super proved a superior penetrator and punched through body armor and vehicles of the time too, a welcome bit of power.

38 Super ammunition has become the preeminent cartridge for competition shooting. A powerful round that offers more capacity over 45 ACP in the 1911 platform, and less recoil it’s a popular choice among some shooters to this day. Take a look at our in-stock 38 super ammo for sale below:

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