22 TCM Ammo

22 TCM ammunition is relatively new cartridge designed by Armscor. This .22 caliber round is different than most rifle or pistol rounds. The round is a centerfire cartridge that is based on a 223 Remington cartridge, shortened and necked down to near the same case as a standard 9mm. 22 TCM ammo is an extremely fast round, capable of reaching up to 2,000 feet per second from a pistol.

22 TCM is currently only chambered in two weapons, a 1911 style pistol and a bolt action rifle. A very flat shooting round, the cartridge can be exceptionally accurate from both rifle and pistols. The cartridge has the potential of being an easy to handle self-defense cartridge. We carry Armscor 22 TCM for sale that you’ll see listed below when it is in-stock:

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