Match Grade

Match grade 8mm Mauser ammunition (aka 8 x 57mm JS ammo) is the ideal choice for target shooters willing to spend a little more to get the very best in ballistic performance.

Due to an extremely high ballistic coefficient of 0.411, the 8mm Boat Tailed Hollow Pont Match Grade bullet made by Hornaday loaded into the 8mm Mauser case makes an excellent target round because the high ballistic coefficient translates to a relatively flat trajectory and the heavier bullet weight is less affected by wind drift than lighter, .30 caliber, bullets. You can browse our in-stock line-up of 8mm Mauser match grade ammo for sale below:

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Recent Match Grade Reviews

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    This is, by far, the best ammo in my Yugo Mauser. Very accurate and powerful; it makes a great hog round and deer round. The bullets actually weigh 200 to 202 grain and I've chrono'd the ammo at just shy of 2500 ft./sec.
    Marcus Chauvin on 20rds - 8X57 JS Hornady Match 196gr. BTHP Vintage Ammo