50rds - 38 Special Winchester Super-X Smokeless Blanks

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This 38 Special cartridge by Winchester features a zero grain projectile. It is not good for target practice. It is not good for self-defense. You’ll have more luck hunting with an inflatable mallet that your kid won at the county fair than you would with this cartridge.

That said, suppose you’re filming a movie and you want the bad guy to do something bad with a 357 Magnum, or maybe you want to start a foot race in the most dramatic fashion possible. In those cases, this round is exactly the one you want, and it won’t generate a lot of foul smoke that would have annoyed your film crew or runners!

This round comes with a caveat: Under absolutely no circumstances do you want anything you care about near the business end of the barrel when you fire one of these blanks. There’s no bullet, that’s true, but have you ever heard of powder burn? It’s unpleasant to say the least.

If you are unfamiliar with Winchester, they’re one of the absolute best players in the business. These rounds will not let you down, and they’re shelf stable for many, many years!
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    38 Special
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