500rds - 38 Super Auto Remington UMC 130gr. +P FMJ Ammo

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Remington Ammunition 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Fear no errant Charlies or Mikes and fail no hammer-fall with this .38 Super ammunition from Remington's UMC line. The UMC brand sports a very recognizable white and green box that shooters look to for sturdy packaging, reliable performance, and fair prices. This ammo features non-corrosive Boxer primers of Remington's Kleanbore design which expel zero caustic salts and chemicals into the bore or onto the breech face of your favorite competition pistol. The primers are affixed to the bases of reloadable brass casings which have been treated with slick, almost slippery, nickel material.

This arrangement allows for reliable extraction and ejection even after many rounds have blackened your chamber, making it stickier and more narrow. In addition, nickel-plating is less susceptible to water damage than naked brass and helps the ammo to last longer in storage during the offseason. The case is charged with a +P load of powder which propels a 130-grain full metal jacket bullet into a very flat trajectory that will work with any iron sights or red dot. Hard copper plating on the bullet prevents excess lead from gumming up your rifling and extends the amount of time allowable between cleaning. Remington manufactures their products with shooters in mind using over two centuries of experience to pick components and define quality inspection tolerances.
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    38 Super
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