20rds – 7mm WSM Federal 140gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 140 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Ammo Details

This 7mm WSM round by Federal offers all of its experienced manufacturer’s trademark components. Its precisely drawn brass casing feeds, chambers, and ejects with all the reliability a good hunt relies upon, and its primer ignites dependably and without depositing corrosive residues throughout your rifle’s sensitive action. It’s this cartridge’s 140 grain Ballistic Tip projectile by Nosler that makes it truly stand out, however.

This Ballistic Tip’s tip is red to indicate its caliber. The streamlined spike of polymer makes the bullet exceptionally accurate, prevents deformation from taking place in the magazine, and upon impact thrusts inward to initiate massive expansion. The Ballistic Tip’s jacket is wholly tapered to its special lead alloy core, promoting ideal weight retention at practically any velocity. The bullet’s base is comprised of a thick section of jacket, serving both to prevent deformation during ignition and provide a base upon which wide expansion can occur. That base is also tapered to measurably improve the Ballistic Tip’s ballistic coefficient. Whatever you’re hunting for, this bullet’s great accuracy and terminal performance will prove to be precisely the pairing you are after.
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    posted on by M Datt

    Beware, I've almost bought this ammo once at a store near my house. I opened the boxes on a couple and 2-4 of the tips had fallen out of the bullets just sitting on the shelf.

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