20rds - 7mm WSM Federal Fusion 150gr. SP Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 150 Grain Fusion Ammo Details

Federal Fusion rifle ammo gives deer hunters a bullet with uncommon kinetic force. These 7mm Win Short Mag cartridges are loaded with Federal’s patented Fusion soft point projectiles. Weighing in at 150 grains, these are the original bullets that paved the way to the industry’s common electrochemical bonding process. Fusion soft points feature a pure copper jacket molecularly fused to an extreme pressure-formed core. This design provides excellent weight retention for deep penetration and extreme energy transfer that radiates a deadly shockwave through soft tissue.

Fusion bullets also have a sleek, aerodynamic profile and well-balanced center of gravity. The result is impressive inflight stability, minimized drop over distance, and repeatable long-range accuracy. Another unique feature of the Fusion bullet is the special skived tip. This skived design works to initiate massive expansion while maintaining bullet integrity, creating a massive wound channel and quick, humane kills.

This factory fresh ammunition comes packed in 20-round boxes and is non-corrosive, boxer primed, and brass cased. Each round generates a consistent muzzle velocity of 3100 feet per second and 3200 foot pounds of muzzle energy. Although these loads were originally engineered for whitetails, they also perform well on larger game like elk and mule deer.

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    posted on by M Datt

    I used to use this ammo for deer hunting before I started reloading. They never did go very far with a well placed shot. Only problem was no blood trail until you were almost on the animal. Most of the shots I was making were under 30yds. The exit holes were the size of my thumb or smaller but the lungs were destroyed and the whole chest cavity was full of blood.

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