20rds – 7mm-08 Rem Federal Vital-Shok 140gr. Nosler Partition Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 140 Grain Nosler Partition Ammo Details

Few bullets have the repute that Nosler’s Partition enjoys -- and it enjoys it justifiably. This 7mm-08 Rem cartridge’s 140 grain projectile takes its name from the integral partition formed by its jacket that bisects its core into front and rear sections. The exposed front works alongside the jacket’s thin mouth to provide broad mushrooming at virtually any velocity to kill game fast; the rear retains more than two thirds of the Partition’s total weight to guarantee deep penetration as well as serve as the basis for said broad mushrooming. The Partition further features crimp locks that preserve its form under the stress of heavy chamber pressure.

Federal is just the sort of manufacturer that can bring out the best in so capable a bullet. This round’s new and precisely formed brass casing seats its Partition like the king that it is, and its clean burning propellant load reliably produces a consistent chamber pressure for surprise-free performance.

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