20rds – 7mm-08 Rem Federal 140gr. AccuBond Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 140 Grain Nosler AccuBond Ammo Details

What’s better than having no 7mm-08 Rem hunting ammunition? That’s right! Having lots and lots of really good 7mm-08 Rem hunting ammunition by Federal Premium! That’s what we’ve got in store for you today, and we can ship it to you well ahead of your next trip!

Federal has done a good thing by loading the 140 grain AccuBond. The AccuBond is accurate thanks to its streamlined profile: the fusion of a sleek polymer tip, jacket, and thick, deformation-resistant boat tail. If this round hits its posted muzzle velocity (24” test barrel), then its 0.493 G1 BC AccuBond will hit a 300-yard target in about one-third of a second, and then drop about -11.4” a hundred yards farther downrange. Actual results may vary!

The AccuBond is bonded, too. That gives its alloyed lead core and copper jacket the durability and momentum they need to dig deep and keep digging – all while the AccuBond unleashes its deadly wide-diameter mushrooming. Gives deer a licking so they don’t keep ticking.

Bullets from Oregon; assembled with shiny reloadable brass cases and premium primers in Minnesota. Next stop: your state.

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