20rds – 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady Superformance 129gr. SST Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 129 Grain SST Ammo Details

This 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge showcases the performance of Hornady’s SST projectile. The SST is designed to inflict devastating shock at the moment of impact, and it follows up on that with truly lethal terminal performance. This 129 grain bullet’s polymer tip wedges into its core to cause fast yet consistent expansion, and its mid-body cannelure and InterLock ring mechanically bind its core and jacket together so that they can hold onto the weight requisite for the creation of a deep wound channel.

The SST has the accuracy it needs to reliably deliver such devastating terminal effect as well. Its secant ogive profile reduces the drag it encounters in flight, and its boat tail lessens how much turbulence it leaves in its wake. Also, because this is a Superformance round, its bullet is able to fly out of the muzzle up to 200 fps faster than what you’re accustomed to seeing your rifle deliver. The net result is a very flat trajectory that’ll give you an easier time of things while you’re hunting for far-off deer.

This cartridge additionally provides a factory fresh brass casing, propellant that will leave your rifle cleaner in between cleanings, and a reliable Hornady primer.
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  • Bullet Weight
    129 Grain
  • Bullet Type
  • Use Type
    Deer Hunting
  • Casing Type
  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    6.5mm Creedmoor
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  • Primer Type
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Muzzle Energy
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Michael Lee Matlock

    I just bought the Howa 6.5 Creedmoor. These Hornady rounds were the my first choice.
    I've used Hornady in the past for my pistol and am always pleased. These are no exception.
    The accuracy at 100 yards was awesome. Then at 200 yards there was a drop of only 3".
    I am very pleased and can't wait to take these hunting.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Case

    My favorite round to use while chasing white tails. Great knock power, only had to track one deer with this ammunition. Majority have died in there tracks.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Scott Snowman

    This round is ultra fast and accurate. Very close to .338 LAPUA accuracy without pounding recoil. Using Ruger bolt action rifle, this is as deadly as they come. Just plain IMPRESSIVE!!!!

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