20rds - 45 ACP Green Tracer Ammo

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N.A.M. Exploding Ammo Not Applicable Specialty Ammo Details

What's more fun than shooting your favorite .45 ACP pistol or carbine? Shooting it with tracer ammo of course! There are many legitimate uses for tracer ammo, from training, to marking how much ammo is left in your magazine, or simply having fun. Our green tracer .45 ACP ammo is designed to create a brilliant green streak that is visible day or night. Made using state of the art components, our .45 ACP tracer ammo is an affordable choice for your tracer needs.

Safe to shoot in any operational gun, this tracer ammo cannot damage your barrel. Using a special military grade illuminating mixture, this tracer mimics Russian standard tracers, and will trace up to 400 yards. This ammo will not damage your bore or gun. Use with caution and be aware of potential fire hazards before shooting. We recommend it as marker ammunition, for training or simple fun at the range. Packed in 20 round boxes, this ammo is brass cased and reloadable. THIS TRACER AMMO IS CAPABLE OF STARTING FIRES IN DRY CLIMATES. FOLLOW LOCAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS WHEN USING, ALONG WITH COMMON SENSE. DO NOT USE WHEN THERE IS A FIRE RISK. Not for sale in California or where prohibited by law.

  • Manufacturer
    N.A.M. Exploding Ammo
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  • Ammo Caliber
    45 ACP (Auto)
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