20rds – 41 Magnum Hornady Custom 210gr. XTP JHP Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 210 Grain XTP Ammo Details

We don’t get to offer 41 Magnum ammunition for sale nearly as often as we’d like to. If you’re a fan of the middle ground between the 357 and the 44, then your star is shining brightly today. We’ve got Hornady Custom in stock!

This cartridge owes its suitability for self-defense and bagging medium game to the power of its eXtreme Terminal Performance projectile. Hornady’s high-tech jacketed hollow point doesn’t have a uniformly thick plated jacket. The copper-alloy shell is drawn, and therefore features a thick base that tapers off to a very thin mouth. Alongside the precise serrations which divide its jacket into six symmetrical sections, the XTP’s tapered jacket enables it to exhibit reliably wide terminal expansion at high and low velocities alike.

The XTP’s fully jacketed rim promotes smoother feeding in semi-automatic firearms. That’s obviously of no benefit when you’re talking about the 41 Mag, but the jacketed rim does also serve to prevent deformation before the bullet has entered soft tissue. The XTP delivers exemplary accuracy courtesy of its concentric jacket and swaged lead core – two attributes which create optimal in-flight gyroscopic stability. When it is loaded in a revolver cartridge, the XTP also includes a cannelure to prevent it from shifting out of its seating. That keeps the cylinder turning right on cue!

Hornady Custom ammo is loaded in Nebraska with premium reloadable brass cases, surefire noncorrosive Boxer primers, and carefully standardized charges of clean-burning propellant. Don’t miss a rare opportunity to stock up on superlative 41 Mag ammo!
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  • Bullet Weight
    210 Grain
  • Bullet Type
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    Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting, Self Defense
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  • Ammo Caliber
    41 Rem Magnum
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