20rds – 38 Special Buffalo Bore 158gr. SWC HP Ammo

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20rds – 38 Special Buffalo Bore 158gr. SWC HP Ammo Details

Buffalo Bore developed this 38 Special ammo to satisfy a certain set of criteria. Their customers wanted standard pressure ammo – not +P – that generates manageable recoil and couldn’t damage old, delicate, or alloy revolvers. They also wanted 38 Special ammo that deals effective damage for self-defense, but without emitting so much muzzle flash that their first shot would render them blind in the dark.

With all these demands Buffalo Bore sat down and designed this: their Standard Pressure Short Barrel Low Flash Heavy 38 Special Ammo!

This round offers a 854 fps muzzle velocity out of a snub-nosed S&W Model 60’s 2” barrel. That muzzle velocity becomes 871 fps out of a 2.5” barrel, 930 fps out of a 3” barrel, or 979 fps out of a 4” barrel. But even the shortest barrel offers a muzzle energy of 256 ft lbs, which should prove adequate for personal protection.

The bullet itself is a lead semi-wadcutter hollow point, a straightforward bullet with a broad tip that gouges a wide wound channel even if it hasn’t got the energy required for terminal expansion. Wadcutters are frequently chambered in snubbies for this very reason. The bullet is additionally gas checked to prevent barrel leading, which preserves a revolver's accuracy.

Buffalo Bore’s ammo is brass cased, non-corrosive, American-made and very high quality. A great choice for any small carry weapon!
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    158 Grain
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    Self Defense
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  • Ammo Caliber
    38 Special
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