20rds – 35 Whelen Barnes VOR-TX 200gr. TTSX BT Ammo


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Barnes Bullets 200 Grain TTSX Ammo Details

35 Whelen ammo is far too scarce for our liking. But at least Barnes is putting their outstanding VOR-TX series 35 Whelen hunting cartridges out there for all to enjoy!

This round features Barnes’ highly acclaimed Tipped Triple-Shock X boat tail projectile. Don’t look for any lead inside TTSX – with the exception of its polymer tip, it’s 100% copper. The flawless bullet boasts awesome accuracy thanks not just to its awesome gyroscopic stability, but also its sleek tip, Accu-Groove shank which minimizes copper fouling of the bore, and precision heel radius which gives propellant a uniform surface to push against. The 200 grain bullet’s 0.369 G1 BC reflects its truly flat trajectory, as well as its ability to retain well over 1,500 ft lbs of elk-dropping energy at 500 yards.

The TTSX’s terminal ballistics are a sight to behold. It doesn’t have a core and jacket that can separate from one another. It is made of pure, resilient copper, hence its ability to deliver consistently deep penetration. The TTSX’s tip conceals a deep nose cavity. It rams down there during penetration, which induces the production of multiple razor-like cutting petals – each one devastating to any soft tissue it touches.

This ammunition is loaded in Utah with virgin brass cases, high-quality primers, and propellant that only helps the TTSX leave the barrel even cleaner.
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    Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
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    35 Whelen
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