20rds - 308 Marlin Express Hornady 140gr Monoflex Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition 140 Grain Flex Tip (FTX) Ammo Details

Founded in 1949, Hornady Ammunition began as a simple two-man operation. From that humble foundation, Hornady has evolved into a world innovator and top producer of high-performance ammo. Hornady’s LEVERevolution line was specifically engineered to maximize performance of lever action rifles.

Each factory fresh cartridge features a patented Hornady Monoflex FTX projectile. Weighing in at 140 grains, these bullets feature a patented polymer Flex Tip that initiates immediate terminal expansion, even at the lower velocities common in mid to long range shooting situations required of lever-action rifles.

These special Monoflex bullets are constructed from a tough copper alloy. This copper alloy is harder than solid copper and will not foul or increase pressure. With deep penetration and nearly 95 percent weight retention, these .308 Marlin Express loads are ideal for hunting big game, including whitetails, mule deer, and elk.

Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 2800 feet per second, each round produces 2437 foot pounds of muzzle energy. This box contains 20 rounds of non-corrosive, boxer primed, reloadable ammunition with high-quality brass cases.

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