20rds - 30-30 Barnes VOR-TX 150gr. TSX Flat Nose HP Ammo


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20rds - 30-30 Barnes VOR-TX 150gr. TSX Flat Nose HP Ammo Details

Non-corrosive and factory fresh, these Barnes VOR-TX rounds are loaded with some of the deadliest bullets on the planet. Each cartridge is loaded with a 150 grain TSX flat nose hollow point projectile. The TSX is Barnes’ most popular hunting bullet, and it's easy to see why. Constructed of 100 percent copper, these patented projectiles offer double-diameter expansion, maximum weight retention, and pass-through penetration. Expanding immediately upon target impact, the nose of the TSX peels back to form razor-sharp petals that slice through muscle, bone, and vital organs for quick, humane kills.

Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 2335 feet per second with 1816 foot pounds of energy, these loads are perfect for hunting whitetails. Each package contains 20 rounds of Barnes VOR-TX .30-30 Winchester ammunition. These rounds are boxer primed and brass cased.

An industry leader in bullet design and innovation, Barnes manufactures products that deliver amazing accuracy, precision, and terminal performance. Founded by Fred Barnes in a Colorado basement in 1932, Barnes has become a highly respected name in the ammunition industry.

  • Manufacturer
  • Condition
  • Bullet Weight
    150 Grain
  • Bullet Type
  • Use Type
    Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting, Self Defense
  • Casing Type
  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    30-30 Winchester
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Primer Type
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Muzzle Energy
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