20rds - 30 Carbine Green Tracer Ammo

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N.A.M. Exploding Ammo Not Applicable Tracer Ammo Details

30 Carbine Green Tracer Ammo

First developed for use as a military round, tracer rounds were used as a signal to other shooters or to aid in aiming. Using pyrotechnic combustion, these rounds produce a bright trail easily visible to the naked eye. This highly visible trace allows the shooter to easily make corrections in aiming without the ability to see the actual impact.

For civilians, tracer rounds provide fun shooting as a novelty round. The bright green trace can easily be seen for both daytime and nighttime shooting. Tracing right out of the barrel, they leave a radiant streak in the bullet's wake for up to 400 yards.

This package contains 20 rounds of traditional Soviet green tip tracer ammo in a .30 Carbine cartridge. These rounds are safe to shoot, but do pose a minor fire hazard. Special care should be taken when firing near dry brush or other combustible material.

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    N.A.M. Exploding Ammo
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    30 Carbine
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