20rds – 25-06 Rem Federal 100gr. TSX Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 100 Grain TSX Ammo Details

This 25-06 Rem cartridge is loaded with a lead-free bullet – but that’s not the only reason why you should love the Barnes Triple-Shock X. When it’s expertly loaded by Federal Premium of Minnesota, the Utah-made TSX supplies the accuracy and the terminal performance a successful hunt requires!

The TSX is full of accuracy-enhancing features. It’s devoid of lead and therefore incapable of creating lead fouling, and the Accu-Groove in its shank reduces copper fouling as well. It’s machined from solid bar stock, and accordingly lacks variances in its weight distribution that could throw it off balance. Its precision heel radius gives propellant gas a uniform surface to push against. Its sleek profile slips through the air like a hot knife through warm butter. Everything adds up to give the 100 grain TSX a G1 BC of 0.336!

The rugged TSX conserves well over 95% of its weight during high-velocity impact – the reason why it’s able to penetrate even the toughest razorback’s hide and keep on penetrating. And when the TSX’s nose cavity kicks into gear, it sets to work fanning out four devastating knife-like cutting petals. You’ll love this ammo even if you aren’t obligated to hunt with lead-free bullets. It’s awesome performance any 25-06 connoisseur is bound to appreciate!
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