20rds – 300 Weatherby Mag Hornady Precision Hunter 200gr. ELD-X Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 200 Grain ELD-X Ammo Details

When you chamber this 300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge by Hornady, you’ll be able to bag pretty much any whitetail or elk you see no matter how far away it’s standing. That’s because the Precision Hunter round’s 200 grain ELD-X projectile couples impressive stopping power with unerring accuracy.

The ELD-X sports Hornady’s proprietary InterLock ring, a feature that mechanically fastens its core and jacket soundly together. The ELD-X therefore retains up to 60 percent of its weight when it strikes its target from fewer than 400 yards, and up to 90 percent much farther on out. The ELD-X is equipped with a polymer tip that initiates lethal expansion just after the moment of impact, so few creatures that walk the earth could stand up to a well-placed shot with this round.

The ELD-X’s polymer tip is a Heat Shield, which keeps the meplat sharp and symmetrical no matter how hot air friction should make it. This tack driving bullet further offers a high ballistic coefficient courtesy of its sleek secant ogive profile and boat tail base, and also exceptional rotational stability as the result of its remarkably concentric AMP jacket.
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    Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
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    300 Weatherby Mag
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