10rds – 12 Gauge Hornady Varmint Express 2-3/4" 24 Pellet #4 Buckshot Ammo


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10rds – 12 Gauge Hornady Varmint Express 2-3/4" 24 Pellet #4 Buckshot Ammo Details

While Hornady may not be as well known for their shotshells as they are their bullets and other ammunition, the Nebraskan outfit still applies the same acumen and minutia that they’re famous for to their shell production as well. This 12 Gauge shell is loaded with 24 pellets of #4 buck, which makes it a great option if you’d like to help local coyote reunite with their coyote ancestors in the afterlife. With relatively more pellets to issue forth at a muzzle velocity of 1,350 fps, you’ll have a dense pattern that’ll prove more than adequate for knocking down smaller canines. That’s not to say this shell is limited in its application to Wile E., of course -- it’s great for dispatching other undesirable critters, and also home defense if you’re concerned about penetrating walls.

This shell features Hornady’s Versalite wad, which cleany breaks away from its shot after evenly ejecting it from the barrel in order to ensure a denser pattern. This shell’s primer is as reliable as any one of Hornady’s premium rifle loads, and its clean burning propellant is better for a shotgun’s action and bore in the long run.
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    #4 Buck
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    12 Gauge
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Whe Shooters and Hunters love or hate 10rds – 12 Gauge Hornady Varmint Express 2-3/4" 24 Pellet #4 Buckshot Ammo

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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Swigin

    These patterned very well at 50 yards with a mod choke.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by ashley adkinson

    Firing from my Rem. 11-87, pattern was fairly even but large in my opinion for a Flitecontrol product . Was hoping for a 12-15" pattern but it was nearly 3 ft . @ 25 yrds. I'll stick with the Winchester Supreme's and a full choke .

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