1 - Military Surplus 50cal. Ammo Can - Fair Condition M2A1


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1 - Military Surplus 50cal. Ammo Can - Fair Condition M2A1 Details

We just bought a massive lot of surplus M2A1 ammo cans from the government! Right off the bat, we divided our haul into two categories: good, and fair. This can is one of the latter, but please note that we chose one of the more heavily used and abused cans for the photograph. We want you to be pleasantly surprised when you receive a very likely better condition ammo can with your order.

This can features solid all steel construction, so you can drop it, slam it into things, and just otherwise abuse it without fear of damaging its contents. Designed to keep ammo fresh indefinitely, its rubber gasket is still supple and still seals perfectly thanks to a tight-fitting latch. Whether you’ll use this can to bring your stuff to the range or set it aside in your home for a while, you’ll find it’s still perfectly fit for service.

Fair condition means that this ammo can may sport some scratches, dents, minor rusting, and spray paint. But you’ll enjoy a great deal on it for that very reason, so order two or three while our limited supply holds out!
Exterior dimensions: 11.75" Long x 5.5" Wide x 7" Tall
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    Military Surplus
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