1 - Magpul PMAG AR-15 GEN 3 30rd. Magazine Black - 300 AAC Blackout


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1 - Magpul PMAG AR-15 GEN 3 30rd. Magazine Black - 300 AAC Blackout Details

This 30 round magazine by Magpul is designed specifically for the 300 AAC Blackout, and will work swimmingly no matter which bullet weight or profile your ammunition has. (It is perfect for subsonic loads.) The magazine is also easily distinguishable from other ones at a glance, as it features a smoother upper-half texture and distinctive rib design. No more compromising performance with a 5.56x45 magazine, and no more risking accidentally cross-loading a 300 AAC Blackout round in the wrong rifle and ruining it!

This is still a PMAG in full, and accordingly has all of the features which have made Magpul’s magazines the go-to for shooting enthusiasts across the country. It is made of crush and impact resistant polymer, and is thoroughly textured to promote easy handling. Its USGI-spec steel spring will keep its springiness over the course of years of repeated use, and its follower self-lubricates for improved reliability.

We do not want you to get into trouble! Please check your state and local laws regarding high-capacity magazines before ordering, and do not transport high-capacity mags to jurisdictions that have illegalized them!
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    300 AAC Blackout
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