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The 44 Special is over a century old cartridge designed for self-defense and frontiersman.

44 Special ammunition is known for being exceptionally accurate and to pack a potent punch. Available in bulk quantities for full metal jacket shooters, these rounds are large, but not overpowering from a recoil perspective.

The 44 Special was one of the last new cartridges made with black powder and served as the starting point for development of the 44 Magnum round. For a time, the .44 spc. faded away but recently the 44 Special has been experienced a resurgence for both Cowboy action shooters and concealed carriers.

The cartridge's potency puts it a step above the typical snub nose revolver so feel free to browse or stock up on our bulk 44 special ammo for sale listed below.

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  1. 50rds - 44 Special Black Hills 210gr. Lead Flat Point Ammo


    17 In Stock

  2. 50rds - 44 Spec. CCI Blazer 200gr. Bonded GDHP Ammo


    24 In Stock

  3. 20rds - 44 Special Buffalo Bore 200gr. Barnes TAC-XP HP Ammo


    5 In Stock

  4. 20rds - 44 Special  Buffalo Bore 180gr. JHP Ammo


    2 In Stock

  5. 50rds - 44 Special DRS 240gr. Lead RNFP Ammo


    10 In Stock

  6. 20rds - 44 Special Federal 200gr. Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point Ammo
  7. 20rds - 44 Special Hornady Critical Defense 165gr. HP Ammo
  8. 50rds - 44 Special Remington 246gr. LRN Ammo


    88 In Stock

  9. 20rds - 44 Special Speer Gold Dot 200gr. Hollow Point Ammo


    32 In Stock

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