1 - Hoppe's Gun Cleaning BoreSnake - .355-.38 Caliber Pistol


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1 - Hoppe's Gun Cleaning BoreSnake - .355-.38 Caliber Pistol Details

The BoreSnake by Hoppe’s does away with the need for a cleaning rod and so many brushes and mops. This convenient accessory gives you everything you need to clean the barrel of any .355-.38 caliber handgun. That includes 9mm, 380 Auto (aka 380 ACP), 38 Special, 357 Magnum and a whole lot more!

The BoreSnake is a synthetic fabric cord with a built-in bronze brush. Its operation is a walk in the park: Just apply your preferred bore solvent to the brush, thread the BoreSnake’s weighted end through the barrel of your semi-automatic handgun or revolver, and then floss it back and forth. The brush and cord (which itself possesses 160 times the surface area of a standard cotton cleaning patch) will free up all the copper, lead and propellant residues that have accumulated inside your barrel in a matter of seconds!

The BoreSnake’s plastic carry case will spare you the hassle of getting gunk on the other things in your range bag. Its lid additionally serves as a T-handle that makes using the BoreSnake easier and more comfortable.
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