1 - Hoppe's Gun Cleaning BoreSnake - .30-.308 Caliber Rifle


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1 - Hoppe's Gun Cleaning BoreSnake - .30-.308 Caliber Rifle Details

Why fuss around with a rod, brush and mop every time you want to clean up your rifle’s bore? When you invest in this BoreSnake by Hoppe’s, you’ll be able to scour your .30 to .308 caliber rifle’s barrel free of lead, copper and carbon residue in seconds flat!

The BoreSnake puts everything you need to clean a bore in one convenient cord. The soft synthetic strand is gentle on steel, and its integrated bronze brush is extremely effective at loosening up and removing caked-on debris. Using the BoreSnake is a piece of cake – simply apply some bore solvent like Hoppe’s No. 9 to the brushes, pass the weighted end through the barrel, and vigorously floss the whole thing clean! The BoreSnake’s surface area is 160 times greater than a conventional cleaning patch, so you’ll be all done in mere seconds.

This cleaning accessory comes in its own carry case, so you don’t have to worry about getting grease and residue on your other gear. Its lid even doubles as a convenient handle during cleaning time!
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