9rds - 12 Gauge Power Punch Bean Bag Ammo

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  • Manufacturer SKU ALS1201L-26

This is 12 Gauge Power Punch Bean Bag Ammo. This ammo is manufactured by A.L.S. Technologies, the leader in Less Than Lethal Ammunition. This ammo is an innovative 12 gauge Bean Bag round, utilizing a 1.75 x 2 Teflon coated, 26 gram ballistic bag. This round produces a painful and powerful blunt impact at the remarkably low velocity of 250 fps, thereby reducing your liability profile from over-penetration. The POWER PUNCH launches a pliable ballistic bag filled with 26 grams of lead shot, producing controlled and direct incapacitation by blunt impact trauma - resulting from the transfer of 90 to 120 foot pounds of energy based on a muzzle velocity of 200 to 250 feet per second. This round is effective on targets from 7 to 25 Yards. DANGER: This ammunition has a high probability of being lethal or producing Severe Damage at a distance less than 12 feet. This is a 2 3/4" shell.

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