960rds – 8mm Mauser Greek Military Surplus 198gr. FMJ Ammo *Corrosive*


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Military Surplus 198 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Woah there, friend! Before you order this awesome 960-round case of 8mm Mauser ammunition, we want to make absolutely certain you’re aware that it is corrosive. Firing this ammo’s not as harmful as pouring pure, concentrated fluoroantimonic acid down your barrel, but you’ll want to make sure you observe the proper cleaning protocol for corrosive ammo as soon as you get your rifle back to home base.

This 8mm Mauser ammunition was manufactured for the Greek armed forces sometime during the ‘30s or ‘40s. (The year of manufacture will be printed on the ammo’s boxes.) The military surplus cartridges are loaded with Hague Convention compliant 198 grain full metal jacket projectiles, as well as brass cases. Sealed primers protect these cartridges against water infiltration, but please take care that Greece saved money by loading Berdan primers. As such, these rounds’ cases are significantly more difficult to reload as they won’t take Boxers!
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    posted on by james farkas

    I order 8MM rounds for my French pistol they was fast on getting my order to me recommend them to any one

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