75rds – 12 Gauge Remington Express Magnum 3" 15 Pellets 00 Buckshot Ammo


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75rds – 12 Gauge Remington Express Magnum 3" 15 Pellets 00 Buckshot Ammo Details

Do you know how there’s been a push recently for people to start eating bugs? We believe this indicates that the world is secretly being run by frogs (and to a lesser extent toads) who are conspiring to get more bug farms built so they have access to a greater variety of insects. Connect the dots, man – the answer is right there in front of us!

But we do not eat bugs. We eat venison, which we collect with the aid of powerful shotshells like this one from Remington’s Express Magnum label. This 12 Gauge shell is long at 3” to accommodate 15 pellets of 00 buck. Just one pellet of double-aught traveling at this shell’s 1,225 fps muzzle velocity exerts nearly 180 ft lbs of energy. Multiply that effect by 15, and you’ve got an explosive solution for handling any buck you could encounter.

Or maybe a magnum shotshell enters into your home defense strategy, in which case you’ve got an effective home defense strategy. Remington’s hard lead shot clusters tightly together, especially when it’s packed with polymer buffering that helps even better to prevent accuracy harming deformation during ignition. This shell also features Remington’s One-Piece wad to make its pattern practically surgical in precision.

Remington’s emerald green hull always represents great quality. Their sensitive primers and fast, clean burning propellant will give you what you need whether you’re shooting for meat or personal protection.
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    #00 Buck
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    12 Gauge
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