6rds - 45 ACP Rubber Projectile Ammo

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  • Manufacturer SKU ALSHD45

This is 45 ACP Less Than Lethal Rubber Projectile Ammo. This ammo is manufactured by A.L.S. Technologies, the leader in Less Than Lethal Ammunition. A lot of people ask, why carry less than lethal pistol ammunition? The answer is simple, when a less than lethal shell is used as the FIRST round, knowledgeable courts of law and boards recognize this type of round as a legitimate attempt to defend without the intent of causing lethal injury, therefore reducing your risk of a lawsuit. That means that if you attempt to defend yourself with A Less Than Lethal Round as the first shot and then kill the perpetrator with a real round, you have a defense in court. Unfortunatly we have to not only defend ourselves from the criminals, but their family as well in civil court.  Use this ammo to temporarily disable combative subjects and reduce the risk of unintended death and lawsuits. This ammo is packed in 6 Round Packs. This ammo will not cycle semi-auto weapons.

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