5rds – 12 Gauge Winchester Super-X 2-3/4" #1 Buckshot Ammo

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  • Manufacturer SKU XB121
  • Muzzle Velocity 1250
  • Primer Type Shotshell
  • Shot Material Lead

Whether you're gearing up for deer and big predatory cats at close range or stoking the trusty closet gun, you'll find that these 12 gauge rounds from Winchester offer exactly what you need at an affordable cost! These shells have a length of 2-3/4 inches for compatibility with the widest range of common shotguns and are loaded for reliabile function in pump-action and semi-automatics. This load profile consists of 16 #1 buckshot pellets which ride atop for a one-piece hinged wad for improved patterning and softer perceived recoil.

Winchester chills and hardens their lead shot pellets so that they are more likely to stay round during muzzle travel; flattened pellets may fly erratically out of their patterns or fail to penetrate deep enough to effectively drop game animals, camp stalkers, and two-legged threats. #1 buck is a great choice for personal protection and was used by Federal Law Enforcement for years when over-penetration was a concern.

Winchester ammunition is American made and sits upon a 150-year-old legacy of serving the United States shooting community. They offer a wide range of innovation products as well as proven classics all aimed to meet the high standards of gun enthusiasts in every discipline.

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