50rds – 44 Special Black Hills 125gr. HoneyBadger Ammo

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Black Hills Ammunition 125 Grain HoneyBadger Ammo Details

This 44 Special cartridge by Black Hills takes a different approach to self-defense than your old-fashioned hollow point does. That’s because it sports a 125 grain HoneyBadger, a bullet that exploits dynamic fluid dislocation rather than expansion to do its job. The grooves spanning the drill-like HoneyBadger engage and channel soft tissues away laterally as they plow through a target, creating a wound channel up to twice as wide as a hollow point could have. The HoneyBadger hasn’t got a nose cavity that could trip up feeding or clog during impact, and because it is CNC machined from solid copper it’s both clean shooting and strong enough to penetrate a great variety of common barriers. No one wants to be shot with any sort of bullet -- even fewer want to be on the wrong end of a HoneyBadger.

This fine cartridge is brass cased, non-corrosive primed, and loaded with clean burning propellant. Black Hills makes a fine cartridge through and through, and the public and private VIPs they supply to speak for their products’ great quality.
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