50rds – 25 Auto Federal American Eagle 50gr. FMJ Ammo

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50rds – 25 Auto Federal American Eagle 50gr. FMJ Ammo Details

The consensus among those in the know is that the 25 Auto isn’t the absolute best cartridge that you could rely on for self-defense. Some say you’re better off using a 22 LR. Others say that you should only use a 25 ACP if you want to really annoy your target. Still, in its defense, a well-placed shot with a 25 ACP could in fact drop a thug, and if a thug has his sights set on you a 25 ACP is certainly going to serve you better than nothing at all. In any event, it’s important to practice your aim with your pocket pistol if you have any expectation that it may one day save your hide. This cartridge by Federal is perfect for helping with that.

This cartridge offers a 50 grain projectile, affordable yet copper jacketed so as to keep your pistol’s bore cleaner and allow it to feed more smoothly. This may not be the most popular caliber among handloading enthusiasts, but it could be done with this round thanks to its new brass casing. Federal’s primer is non-corrosive, so expect these rounds to stay active for many, many years.
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    25 Auto (ACP)
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