50rds - 223 Black Hills 77gr. Re-Mfg. Sierra MatchKing BTHP Ammo

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  • Casing Type Brass
  • Bullet Weight 77 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU M223R9
  • Muzzle Velocity 2750
  • Primer Type Boxer

These .223 Remington rounds from Black Hills Ammunition are a great way to get ammo that is very close to Mk 262 Mod 1 specifications and performance but much less expensive. Each remanufactured round is assembled using a fired brass casing that has been inspected for deformities, meticulously cleaned, and then equipped with a non-corrosive Boxer primer. Crowning the cartridge is a 77-grain Sierra MatchKing projectile which bears an elongated boat-tail, a small diameter hollow-point (BTHP), and a military-influenced cannelure.

The toothed cannelure serves as a crimp point and prevents setback and jostling which could ruin reliability and accuracy respectively. A BTHP projectile’s overall shape resists drag in-flight for greater stability which contributes to remarkable precision. During construction, lead wire is spun through the bullet’s open cavity resulting in a core of consistent density enclosed within a jacket of pristine dimensions. 77-grain bullets are quite heavy for the .223 caliber and should only be combined with barrel twist rates of 1/7 or faster. While Sierra does not recommend the MatchKing for hunting purposes, it is a proven long-range round with many successful military records under its belt.

BE ADVISED – This is remanufactured ammunition. As such, it could be more likely to experience ruptures, squibs, failures, and other functional troubles. In doing so, it could damage your firearm, and it could result in bodily injury or death. Consult your firearm owner’s manual to determine whether remanufactured ammunition is appropriate for use in your particular firearm. Never provide remanufactured ammunition to fellow shooters without first informing them that such is remanufactured ammunition.


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    Ordered for a prairie dog shoot in Montana. Great performance for the money. The customer service was excellent.

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    I haven't shot the ammo yet but way to go shipping Dept. Ordered late one afternoon and it arrived the next.

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