50rds – 22 WMR CCI 30gr. VNT Ammo

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CCI Ammunition 30 Grain Polymer Tipped Ammo Details

This 22 WMR cartridge by CCI is going to put down Mr. Fox, Mrs. Woodchuck, and Sir Squirrel toot suite. It features a 30 grain VNT, a projectile that delivers both the accuracy and the explosive terminal performance that quality time with varmints deserves.

The VNT has an extremely thin, notched jacket. Its meplat is formed by a sharp prong of polymer, which is positioned in such a way that leaves a cavity between itself and the base of the core. Upon impact the tip jams inward, upsetting the core and jacket so that they burst outward. A huge wound channel for so small a bullet!

This round’s blistering 2,200 fps muzzle velocity gives you both a flat trajectory and 322 ft lbs of muzzle energy, which alone would have probably been enough to kill lil’ critters like no one’s business. Combined with the performance of the VNT, you’ve got one of the end-all pest control solutions at your fingertips!
  • Casing Type
  • Bullet Weight
    30 Grain
  • Bullet Type
    Polymer Tipped
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