50pcs - 45 Cal Hornady 300gr. SST Muzzle Loader Bullets

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  • Cost Per Round $0.50/ppr
  • Bullet Weight 300 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber 45 Caliber
  • Bullet Diameter .452 inches
  • Quantity 50
  • Bullet Type SST
  • Manufacturer Hornady Ammunition
  • Manufacturer SKU 45207

Since the end of the Second World War, Hornady has been manufacturing some of the best ammunition in the world. When Hornady's founder saw that there was a shortage of accurate and reliable ammunition after the war, he took matters into his own hands and started the company that we all know and love today.

Are you a black powder rifle aficionado? If so, these 45 caliber bullets are perfect for you. With Hornady's SST muzzle loader bullets, you have the expansion, penetration, and weight retention that you need to help you bag that next trophy. With these 300 grain bullets from Hornady down your rifle, you know that you have the reliably and performance that Hornady is known for.

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