500rds – 9mm Federal Syntech PCC 130gr. Total Synthetic Jacket Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 130 Grain TSJ Ammo Details

Let us make one thing certain: Federal Premium Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) ammunition isn’t just a perfect choice for training and competition with a 9mm carbine. This ammo will provide cleaner performance and superior accuracy in combination with 9mm handguns as well!

This round’s 130 grain projectile offers identical exterior and terminal ballistics to a conventional full metal jacket (FMJ). But the Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) isn’t bright red solely for cosmetic purposes! This bullet’s jacket is made of high-tech polymer. It is unable to deposit lead or copper fouling inside a barrel, and it’s supple enough to make splash-back nearly impossible. The TSJ creates significantly less friction and resultant heat as it travels down the barrel, which makes this ammo a great way to preserve your firearm’s rifling!

Like a total metal jacket (TMJ), the TSJ’s lead core is totally encapsulated by its jacket. The heat of ignition therefore cannot aerosolize the lead in the TSJ’s core. This round’s lead-free Catalyst primer suits it even better for target shooting in stuffy indoor ranges! The TSJ is specially shaped to promote smoother feeding in a carbine, and its 1,140 fps muzzle velocity is similarly enhanced to promote optimal functionality in firearms with longer barrels. (Federal recorded that muzzle velocity with a 16” barrel.)
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    130 Grain
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    Match Shooting, Range Training
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