500pcs - 20 Cal .204" Dia Sierra BlitzKing 39gr. PT Bullets

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  • Cost Per Round $0.24/ppr
  • Bullet Weight 39 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber 20 Caliber, 204 Ruger
  • Bullet Diameter .204 inches
  • Quantity 500
  • Bullet Type Polymer Tipped
  • Manufacturer Sierra Bullets
  • Manufacturer SKU 1039C

500pcs - 20 Cal .204" Dia Sierra BlitzKing 39gr. PT Bullets Details

These BlitzKing bullets from Sierra are perfect for handloaders who want to craft rounds in .204 Ruger or .20 Tactical that exhibit explosive performance on varmints. BlitzKing projectiles have a similar design to Tipped MatchKings in that they utilize a proprietary resin tip and tapered boat tail rear in order to yield marvelous, match-grade accuracy at extreme distances. However, the BlitzKing possesses a gilding metal jacket that has been thinned out in strategic locations in order to facilitate rapid expansion upon impact. This results a bullet that penetrates nicely into thin-skinned game and then deposits all of its energy into vital zones for devastating terminal effect.

With a light weight of 39 grains, these projectiles fit squarely within the ladder of common .20 caliber loads and can be utilized to reach extreme velocities that are naturally accompanied by flat trajectories and low travel times. Sierra's strict quality control measures guarantee maximum weight and jacket concentricity deviations of 0.3 grains and 0.0006 inches respectively. That translates to immaculate consistency that reloaders can trust to put down groundhogs, possums, and coyotes with precision. Sierra Bullets are manufacturing in Missouri and backed by over sixty years of reputable ingenuity and innovative design.
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