4 - Flambeau Inc. 14" Zerust Black Plastic Ammo Can/Dry Boxes w/ Ammo to Go Logo

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  • Manufacturer Flambeau Inc.
  • Manufacturer SKU FLAM6430ZR
  • Quantity 4

This is a  Flambeau Inc. 14" Zerust Black Plastic Ammo Can/Dry Box with Ammo to Go Logo. The Zerust series of cans are much larger than a 50 cal. ammo can and features Flambeau's polymer-based Zerust material, which emits a harmless, odorless vapor that fills the inside of the storage box and forms a protective layer around metal objects while they are stored. Zerust is molded directly into the plastic and requires no maintenance. Thanks to Zerust, ammunition and parts are protected from rust and corrosion for up to five years. Comes with a removable storage tray and hidden top external compartment. Branded with the Ammo to Go logo on one side and the words Ammo to Go on the other. The can dimensions are 15.5x8x10 external, 13x6.25x6.75 internal dimensions with storage tray in place. These cans come packaged 4 to a case.

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