25rds – 9mm Inceptor 65gr. ARX Ammo


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Inceptor 65 Grain ARX Ammo Details

This 9mm round by Inceptor features the ARX, a revolutionary bullet that delivers devastating stopping power -- but without need for a hollow point nose cavity that could have tripped up feeding in a semi-automatic weapon. Instead, the ARX sports three precisely formed grooves that harness, pressurize, and laterally eject the soft tissue they engage up to two times faster than the bullet is traveling. The result is a particularly wide wound channel, the kind no one would like to have punctuating their torso, and a bullet that’s not prone to overpenetration to boot.

Such a light bullet for a 9mm! That’s because the ARX contains no lead, and is made of a blend of nylon and copper instead. The insubstantial bullet is able to exit the muzzle exceptionally fast, and it does so without generating much of the recoil that can make follow-up shots less accurate. The ARX can’t lead your bore, and its injection molded design makes each bullet’s in-flight performance essentially interchangeable so can have have an easier time pegging your target.
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    posted on by Dwayne Kelly

    Was able to get last box of .380 Inceptor 56 Grain ARX. Wow, so happy and it arrived in 3 days! Now I have this defensive ammo for all my weapons. Little pricey and shipping kinda high but availability and great service from AmmoToGo is well worth it.

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