25rds – 410 Bore Winchester Super-X High Brass Game Loads 3" 11/16 oz. #6 Shot Ammo


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  • Bullet Weight 11/16 oz.
  • Manufacturer SKU X4136
  • Muzzle Velocity 1135
  • Shot Material Lead

These high brass .410 bore shells from Winchester pack a little more punch to help you bag rabbits, squirrels, and upland game birds with ease. Each of these shells is built using a field-ready hull for moisture resistance, a non-corrosive 209 primer for dependable ignition, and a one-piece hinged which reduces felt recoil and helps to protect the shot from flat-spotting. The shot used in this load is 11/16 ounces of #6 size lead shot which is a versatile choice for small game hunting.

Winchester chills their lead shot in order to make it harder and more likely to maintain it's round shape. Round pellets fly in a tighter pattern for longer distances and more effectively penetrate to reach the vital organs of doves, partridges, and grouse. Winchester is one of the most well recognized names in American shooting culture and has a heritage that is more than 150 years strong! Their products have not only pioneered features which are standardized around the globe but have helped various citizens to pull night duty shifts, put meat in the freezer, and bring home numerous trophies and plaques.

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