25rds - 410 Bore Sellier & Bellot Elite Protection 2-1/2" Dual Pellet Load - 000 Buckshot + BB Ammo


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  • Bullet Type #000 Buck
  • Manufacturer SKU SB410SDA
  • Muzzle Velocity 984
  • Shot Material Lead

If you tote a .410 Bore Taurus Judge or S&W Governor for self protection, then you'll want to stoke your cylinder with these Elite Protection shotshells from Sellier & Bellot (S&B). Each of these 2-1/2 inch shells features a unique "Dual Pellet" load which consists of a staggered column of fifteen BB pellets topped by a single 000 buckshot projectile. This design places the focus on a single 9.14 millimeter pellet followed by a tight cluster of fifteen 4.60 millimeter pellets for a devastating terminal effect.

S&B builds these shells using moisture resistant hulls and a wad with a collapsing center which reduces recoil while protecting the shot from flat-spotting; maintaining the round shape reduces the chance for erratic fliers and improves in-flight stability. Sellier & Bellot is an ammunition manufacturer hailing from the Czech Republic which has roots dating back to 1825. Their reputation for flawless quality in hunting, sporting, and law enforcement applications has secured them as one of the biggest import names in the United States shooting community.

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