25rds – 20 Gauge Winchester AA Target 2-3/4" 7/8 oz. #8 Shot Ammo

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25rds – 20 Gauge Winchester AA Target 2-3/4" 7/8 oz. #8 Shot Ammo Details

These light recoiling 20 gauge loads from Winchester are a perfect compliment to your sporting endeavors whether you hang out at the local skeet club or enjoy putting on a leather vest for some fun-spirited Cowboy Action shooting! Each of these shotshells is constructed using a heavy-duty hull for moisture resistance and trouble-free reloading. Inside of a round, you'll find a 7/8 ounce of hardened #8 lead shot riding inside the cup of Winchester's famous AA wad. When the pellets are harder and protected they tend to maintain their round shape which translates to denser shot clouds, tighter patterns, and more effective clay breaking at long distance.

Winchester's AA wad is so effective that it is offered as a standalone component to custom handloaders. The wad's physical profile includes a crushing center column which reduces perceived recoil as well as a properly obturating powder rear. This rear cup design makes the most efficient use of propellant force in order to give every shot consistent velocity for more impressive scores in any competition. Winchester ammunition is produced in the United States where it undergoes a string of inspections for quality of workmanship. Their designs are inspired by, and tailored to, real world hunters, sportsmen, military personnel, and firearms experts.

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