25rds - 20 Gauge Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Nickel Plated Lead 3" 1-1/4 oz. #4 Shot Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 1-1/4 oz.
  • Manufacturer SKU 203GP4
  • Muzzle Velocity 1200
  • Shot Material Lead

These classic 20 gauge shells are proper medicine taking for quail, dove, and of course pheasants! Each of these Golden Pheasant shotshells features a 1-1/4 ounce load of #4 shot pellets which have been nickel-plated. This corrosion resistant coating not only protects the shot from time, but from flattening and disfigurement during the firing process. This translates to rounder pellets which fly farther, stick together in a tighter pattern, and offer superior ballistics in order to bring down birds humanely.

These three inch length 20 gauge shells offer a calm medium between long distance performance and manageable recoil. Each round is built using a moisture-resistant plastic hull, premium propellant, and a reliable 209 primer. Fiocchi is Italian manufacturer with over 140 years of experience in producing ammunition for worldwide distribution. Their wartime experience, relationship with competitive shooters, and seat in the heart of Italy's gun capital make Fiocchi one of the most innovative and respected ammo outfits on the planet.

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