25rds – 12 Gauge Winchester Xpert Game & Target 2-3/4" 1oz. #6.5 Steel Shot Ammo


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25rds – 12 Gauge Winchester Xpert Game & Target 2-3/4" 1oz. #6.5 Steel Shot Ammo Details

Winchester Xpert Game & Target 12 Gauge ammunition is precisely what you need if you’re fixing to hunt some upland game in an area where lead shot is officially forbidden. But this versatile ammo is also a fine pick for target shooting – the name really does say it all!

Winchester’s Xpert steel shot is high quality. Each #6.5 shot pellet is repeatedly screened to ensure that it is exactly 0.105” in diameter, and it is additionally treated for enhanced protection against corrosion. Even if humidity gets to your ammo before you get a chance to fire it, you can take assurance that its shot pellets will remain glossy enough to travel in a narrow and effective pattern.

Cast any fears that this ammo could hurt your barrel aside. Its wads completely cradle its one-ounce shot columns, which will keep the rigid pullets from putting long gouges down the length of your bore. The reloadable shell’s wad also has a compression zone in its base, which will absorb a significant amount of the recoil energy created by its fast muzzle velocity.
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    1 oz.
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    Target Loads, Upland Game
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    12 Gauge
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